Poster: Obstetric Violence Culture Pyramid (PDF download)

Poster: Obstetric Violence Culture Pyramid (PDF download)

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You'll get: A high-quality poster-size (18"x24") download of our "Obstetric Violence Culture Pyramid." You will need to print the poster locally or online; with your free account, Canva will print and ship it to you within the U.S. for less than $8.00. (Frame not included)

Why you'll love it: This one-of-a-kind design brings clarity to a topic that is often minimized and mischaracterized.  Based on a concept originally created for rape culture, it is a wonderful way to get people talking about how obstetric violence shows up in insidious ways and how we can purposefully push back on a culture that tolerates it in all its forms.

What you can do with it:  Doulas, midwives, childbirth educators, therapists, and chiropractors: hang the poster in your office or client areas to spark discussion.  Use as a teaching tool or conversation starter in childbirth education or prenatal meetings.  Nurses and other medical professionals, hang in hospital common areas or at the nursing station.

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